Examination Courses

We run courses preparing for the Cambridge exams and IELTS. For further information about the exams please visit: www.cambridgeesol.org/exams/

Key English Test
An examination for elementary students. We can prepare students for this is four weeks, from absolute beginner level.

Preliminary English Test
PET is a good exam for those who come to England with limited experience of English, particularly if they want to do the First Certificate later. The exam tests basic skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing, and a student who achieves the level can communicate effectively in English in a range of every-day situations.

Cambridge First Certificate
This exam is suitable for Upper Intermediate students, and requires a lot of learning discipline, particularly in grammatical structures, thinking skills and writing skills. It is an excellent way to push students to develop their learning, thinking and language skills, and the courses are interesting and challenging.

Cambridge Advanced Examination
Cambridge Advanced can often be taken in the same year as the First Certificate – in fact we often put students in for both the exams at the same time. There is a focus on increasing the range of expression and depth of knowledge about the language.

Cambridge Proficiency Examination
This exam prepares students to study at University in the UK or to teach English in their native countries. It requires high levels of language and academic skills, and demands that students express themselves in a range of formal situations, discussing and exploring issues intelligently rather than simply using the language.

The IELTS is now required by many employers and Universities as proof of a good standard in English, and we prepare students for all aspects of the examination.

All the examinations can be taken at a centre local to us in Cambridge.

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