One-to-One Courses

It is generally accepted that a week of individual tuition is the equivalent of a month in a class of average size (12 students). Progress is rapid with the average student being able to improve their level from elementary to intermediate; or from intermediate to advanced in the course of a month.

Most of our one-to-one students come to us because they don't have much time, either because they have a deadline like an exam to meet, or because they are working. Some come to study specific literature texts, some need to learn technical language for a job or university course.

As we charge a fraction of the cost of other schools for one-to-one courses, many students consider this as an alternative to a general English course. It can often prove a more cost-effective way of studying as language-learning goals can be achieved so much more quickly by this means, saving accommodation and living costs, as well as reducing the time spent away from work.

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