Work and study

Many of our students study with us in the mornings and have a job in the afternoons or evenings. The University colleges, hospital and local restaurants are some of the principal employers, and people who are willing to make an effort never have a problem finding work here. We do not provide jobs, but support students in finding them. The minimum wage is just over GBP 5 per hour.

EU citizens have no problems with this, but students who are coming from outside the EU need a full-time student visa in order to be able to work.

To obtain this from British Immigration officials, students are required to pay in full for their course and accommodation so that we can provide proof of these payments to the student, who will provide them as part of their visa application process. Immigration officials then frequently contact us to verify that applications have been made.

Working and studying at the same time can enable you to pay some of your costs, meet more people and use your English in a wider range of situations, so can add to the value of your whole experience here in England.

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