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The Byron School Cambridge offers a unique experience to students keen to learn English in the UK. We are a very small school which is very purposeful – students work hard in their studies, and make the most of their time in this historical city by exploring the language, history and culture in depth.

Students make fast progress in classes with a maximum size of eight students. The atmosphere of such a small school is very personal, so no-one has a chance to feel lost. On the other hand we don't suit people coming to England mainly for a holiday, and would encourage them to go to one of the many large schools nearby.

Over the years we have welcomed a real mix of students from all over the world, with a wide age range. The atmosphere and size of the school mean that people don’t feel out of place whatever their age, and that is certainly something people enjoy about us. Another thing is the amount of discussion that goes on, usually over a cup of tea in the garden. The sharing of opinions and experiences is something we value a great deal for the sake of both learning and enjoyment.

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