What's on in Cambridge

There are many things to do in Cambridge. This busy city offers visitors everything from cultural and historical places of interest to nightclubs, theatres and leisure centres.

Cambridge Trinity Street Cambridge City Centre offers a wide variety of entertainment, sporting facilities and shops. This includes a modern leisure centre and swimming pool and two large shopping centres.
Cambridge pub Entertainment in Cambridge is largely based around the many traditional English pubs, or the clubs and societies of the University, but also includes multi screen cinemas, nightclubs, and a wide variety of music and theatre.
Cambridge punting Punting is very a popular way to travel through the city. It is the slowest but most beautiful way to see Cambridge
Cambridge Kings College Cambridge University has a large number of clubs and societies which our students are able to join. In the past our students have participated in ballroom dancing, tennis, football, rowing, archery, ice-hockey, debates and music. Students can also visit the beautiful colleges with their magnificent chapels and libraries.
Cambridge Botanical Gardens The Botanical Gardens provide visitors with a peaceful and beautiful place to relax and reflect during their stay in Cambridge.
Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum Museums in Cambridge offer a wide variety of collections from art to archaeology, science, folk history and zoology.